A Partnership Between Los Angeles Valley College,
Metro, and Community Career Development, Inc.

Why do I need the Metro Bridge Academy?

Requirements to become a bus operator for the City of Los Angeles are rather stringent. Hence, initial testing has proven to be a hurdle for many of those first taking the requirements test. The Metro Bridge Academy teaches various topics to help candidates get past the first stage, teaching subjects that include:

  • DMV class B permit requirements
  • Air brakes
  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Operation Central Instruction (OCI)
  • Customer Service

In return, for those candidates who successfully complete the course and pass the orientation criteria, we guarantee an interview with Metro. Note that we have helped more than 600 individuals to become employed as bus operators.

Remember, this program is a combined effort between Metro and Los Angeles Valley College, hence there is never a charge to candidates.

The following success story illustrates both the impact
as well as the value of this training program:

Alisa Allen, a single mother of eight children including a set of 13-year old twins,came to Los Angeles from Detroit, Michigan in 2007. She found it tough to find a stable job without a high school diploma. She lived in hotels, paying with vouchers and finally obtained irregular, part-time, on-call work as a certified nursing assistant, earning $10 per hour with no benefits and requiring her to commute as many as 60 miles each way for a meager two-hour assignment. 

Alisa desperately wanted a job that would provide security for her family.  She applied for a job at Metro, passed the interview, but was unable to pass the initial Metro Training.  Fortunately, Metro decided to give her a second chance – she was referred to the Metro Bridge Academy, enrolled in April 2009, passed all her classes, passed her interview with Metro, started the Metro on-site training in May, and this time, succeeded in passing through their paid training program

Alisa would often tell herself that she could not make it without an education. She found that the program helped her gain study and test-taking skills; learning about interviewing techniques gave her a renewed sense of confidence. She learned time management skills helping her prioritize her studies. 

For the first time in her life, Alisa was able to break out of her shell, walk to the front of the classroom, and present information to a room full of students!  She indicated that the interactive class gave her the opportunity to meet others in the same situation to help each other, and stated that "if it were not for the Metro Bridge Academy, she would not have made it through; the program gave her a life, confidence, and the vision to succeed!"

Alisa Allen is now a professional Metro bus operator, working out of the Chatsworth Division where she earns $14.59 per hour with full benefits – and that’s not all!  Alisa obtained a GED and is now pursuing her AA Degree. She moved from a small apartment in Van Nuys to a home in Lancaster – and that’s not all either – Alisa has volunteered to tutor participants in the next Metro Bridge Academy, helping them to succeed.